sabato 14 febbraio 2015



Once more, almost every week,  great cemetery that is the Med welcomes hundreds of victims of the great exodus from Africa or the Middle EAST. Women, men and children, fleeing war, hunger, violence, are piled up like slaves or animals on wrecks of boats to live a terrible and often mortal adventure!

The majority have left their families, friends,  their native country to look for a new, more humane life and a better future.
They have confidence in us, but, very often, their trust is swallowed up by terrible waves.. they look for human warmth and they are killed by the cold of the nights.
We cannot remain impassive! We are called to fraternity and responsibility!

Europe (and each country in Europe) must be aware of and accept responsibility for finding, as quickly as possible, good answers to the calls for help each day and night!

We cannot live with the illusion of stopping big migrations. The world is changing and we are called to do our best, with the help of God.
We cannot block our ears or close our eyes, we cannot harden our hearts or paralyse our hands!

We have to thank all those who have committed themselves to help these unfortunate people, our brothers, by being responsible for giving aid and generous support.

UMEC-WUCT invites schools and teachers to appeal to society, families, students. It is necessary to talk about the phenomena of migration and refugees. It is necessary to pay attention to others, to solidarity, to a generous welcome, to peace, all these things which are supported by the values which respect the dignity of man.

12th February  2015

WUCT-UMEC -The Executive Committee

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