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In a short summary I will give an idea of the 4 days of intense and productive work during the 7th Meeting of the Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education for All (CCONG / EFA - CCNGO / EFO).
On Tuesday May 20, 2014 , at night , began with an interesting presentation and made ​​known to the attendees of the situation of Chilean Education certainly complex and many protests from civil society. To attest the same heard a Teaching secondary students and three Mothers Public School Municipal Taken by parents and students and that were closed by the municipal government, in search of their children 's schools are open again .
Then we saw a performance of songs and dances from Chile , which was completed with each day as in coffee breaks , an event surprised us 15 minutes with dances and songs of this country. Was exciting to see and hear an Indian woman , Mapuche , who sang in their language.
On Wednesday May 21 , we started to 9.30am and work until 19hs where there was a UNESCO report on Education for All , where even today there are 57 million children and adolescents without schooling, EFA (Education for All ) , after 15 years , failed to reach cover all causing inequality and discrimination , creating larger among the inhabitants of the world divide.
Delegates from each region were then heard , though he noted that not attended by delegates from the European Union.
It was noted , in the case of Latin America and the Caribbean, with the issue also called Aboriginal or Indigenous Peoples scored a crack since in many countries the culture and language of these people is not respected.
The problem of non-investment in education goes , basically , not to reach 6% of GDP and that , make big differences. Lack of Teachers Graduates and use of people who did not finish high school or middle cycle , as teachers bankruptcy even more reality.
No different was the report from Africa and Asia, but is aggravated when gender differences appear . The Status of Women , the ancestrally located in these countries in the second, was especially noted in the report of Yemen, Egypt and Palestine , that the struggle for equality is not over . How well does the search for Equal Rights .
On this first day of work, we conclude that education is a human right and the need for the EFA program extends until 2030 , a position that will be meeting in Seoul, Korea.
On Thursday May 22 , a very interesting debate began on the issue of Schools and Private Universities since the system is carried in most countries , it is to the detriment of the Public School , taking a process of privatization using Public money , so he asked not to continue with this policy and that States take charge of Education , since the proclamation of all governments is to say that education is the political center of the country, but in practice , we note that it is not, it is not real.
We have emphasized that parents have the right to Choosing the type of school they want for their children , whether for religious reasons or for consistency with the values ​​of the same people . For the City is an inalienable right , and to the States a Obligation to respect the decisions of its citizens , this stance was welcomed by OIEC and Arab delegates and other organizations , although the subject is hard for a Lay posture of most of the civil organizations .
The issue that took time was the meaning of the Education Quality and as NGOs can collaborate with their work in different regions of a country.
It was noted the need to upgrade the teaching profession, as well as monetary compensation because it shows that working conditions in most countries is difficult which causes more serious situations in remote areas of large cities.
On Friday May 23 , was read the Final Declaration which was voted on and changes to certain points were made , not reflect what is expressed in the working groups , as well changes due to lack of concepts and for not being clear in its wording which could lead to ambiguous interpretations in reading.
Two delegates were elected to the Committee , being elected , the representative of Egypt ( 27 votes) and the Representative of Bangladesh ( 27 votes) , leaving out the Representative OIEC (6 votes) and the Representative of Uganda (12 votes).
Missing two delegates to vote more Committee , but that vote will virtually, ie electronically during June, and there we have the "remote" possibility that WUCT - WUCT , has a place on the Committee. We affirm the anticlerical "remote" possibility , so secular and most civilians participating NGOs .
Visit the MUSEUM OF MEMORY , and at a SCHOOL TAKEN by students to learn about the situation in Chile , the day after the President of Chile, Dr. Bachelet gave his speech before Congress and pledged to fight for Education was held public . The Government of Chile, is trying to buy all the private schools in the country , making an offer of u$s 9,600 million for full ( information daily El Mercurio of Santiago , Chile, on 24 May 2014)
Thus ended this House with great purpose has to be brought to New York in September , and thinking on the agenda in May to take Seoul in Korea.

Hector Rigaldo and Alicia Morelli 

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