sabato 21 dicembre 2013


Christmas 2013

Dear Friends catholic teachers,

This period of Christmas is not only for us catholics or christians a special season, it speaks to the heart of every human being. It is not surprising to find even among the most remote tribal regions in the World the memory of the birth of Christ, even though they may not know what it really refers to.

This is one thing that concerns me this year, what do we know – know with the heart – about this historic event of the birth of the Son of God? What did we communicate to our students and to our collegue teachers in our school? Which symbols of images did we display in  the classroom or on twitter or facebook? It is a wonderful occasion to communicate the love of God for all mankind, especially for the poorer among them and the ones that do not have any way to be respected in society. I think in our situation in western Europe of the immigrants, the boatpeople arriving at the southern coasts of our continent, of children who are not even registered and therefore have no way to educational systems.

All these things make me think of the mission we have received to bring the love of God to all in a way they can appreciate and accept. For us is it then the need to be able to know well what it means to be christians, and even more, to be able to communicate the faith to others.

Christmas is a feast we celebrate in the family, at the same time we can ask ourselves where the limit of our family ends. The whole World needs our love and we do not want to keep the love we have received for ouselves. Love instead is intrinsically communicative.

Dear friends teachers, with this message I want to wish you a very fine and fruitful feast of Christmas, pray for me and for all people who engage themselves in the Church on this wonderful occasion of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

+ Luc Van Looy


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